Advocacy, expertise, and service for better pharmacy solutions.

The all-encompassing solution for pharmacy benefit management.

We'll manage every aspect of your client's pharmacy plans. Benefits include volume-purchasing discounts, a boutique service model with access to RxAssure, our in-house assistance center for members.


Insightful consulting at your service.

Let us consult on your pharmacy accounts. From PBM procurement to ongoing guidance, you’ll gain insights and strategies from industry-leading experts to keep you ahead of the benefit curve.


An independent assessment of your existing plan's performance.

Let us conduct a line-by-line contract review to determine (1) your plan’s performance, (2) PBM compliance with contract terms, and (3) how competitive the contract is compared to the market.


Exclusive access to innovative health and wellness programs.

Workplace wellness programs reduce an employer's healthcare costs. We've vetted the market to align with vendors who provide a guaranteed ROI and benefits that support healthier employees.


An unbiased assessment of pharmacy benefits plans

Available to any consultant, regardless of who will hold the client’s new pharmacy contract.

The best offense is always a good defense.

Our independent evaluation can identify and correct weaknesses in your client’s pharmacy plan before your competitors do. With RxAudit, we’ll conduct an objective, line-by-line analysis to compare current pharmacy contracts against the market. Our comprehensive assessment offers unparalleled detail into how a pharmacy plan is performing, answering questions such as:

Is your client paying too much for pharmacy benefits?

How do their contract terms compare with others?

Is the contract the best fit for your client’s needs?

How competitive is it in the marketplace?

Has the PBM performed according to contract terms?

Here’s what RxAudit delivers:

Overall Contract Comparison

Plan Design and Claim Volume Comparison

Contract Breakdown: Your Client’s Contract vs. Leading PBMs

Performance Against Financial Terms

Utilization Opportunities to Improve Plan Performance

Potential Additional Savings with Optional Programs