RxBenefits at a glance:

Advocacy, expertise, and service for better pharmacy benefit administration.


The all-encompassing solution for pharmacy benefit management.

As your consulting partner, we’ll manage every aspect of your client’s pharmacy plans, from direct contracts to plan administration to service beyond the service line. Among the many benefits are volume-purchasing discounts and access to Rx Assure, our in-house assistance center for members.

Insightful consulting at your service.

Let us consult on your pharmacy accounts. From PBM procurement to ongoing guidance, we deliver our focused attention to all the details. You’ll also gain insights and strategies from industry leaders to keep you ahead of the benefit curve.

An independent assessment of your existing plan’s performance.

Assess your existing plan with an independent audit. Let us conduct a line-by-line contract review to determine (1) your plan’s performance, (2) PBM compliance with contract terms, and (3) how competitive the contract is compared to the market.

Exclusive access to innovative health and wellness programs.

Workplace wellness programs are an effective way to reduce an employer’s healthcare costs. We’ve vetted the market to align with selected vendors. Each provide a guaranteed ROI and exceptional benefits that support healthier employees.

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A comprehensive, focused approach results in pharmacy management success.

Even areas of pharmacy spend with low utilization can drive a disproportional amount of cost. For example, while approximately 1% of members utilize specialty medications, these expensive drugs comprise 30% of healthcare costs. By partnering with a knowledgeable and agile pharmacy partner, such as RxBenefits, employers can leverage pharmacy benefits to achieve healthy cost and care outcomes.